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About Us

Bora and Matteo are First-Class Business graduates from the University of Bath, that successfully navigated one of the toughest job markets since the global financial crisis, securing competitive roles (<1% acceptance rate) in investment banking and financial consulting. Over the course of their academic and professional journeys, they have had experiences in numerous industries, within internationally renowned organisations, as well as innovative start-ups.


A Global Perspective 

Prior to starting their university studies, both Bora and Matteo lived in numerous countries around the world such as China, Malaysia, the USA, Thailand, Kazakhstan, and Egypt. This has given them a truly international outlook and an understanding of cultures across almost every continent.


Bora Girgin

Bora was a Turkish international student that secured a Visa-Sponsored graduate role at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), where he now advises Private Equity and Corporate clients on large Mergers & Acquisitions transactions valued between £50 million to over £5 billion.

Matteo Foglio

Matteo was a local European student that secured an industrial placement at Citibank which he successfully converted to a full-time offer. He now works in their Structured Finance team where he originates and structures various Asset Backed Securities.


Why We Call Ourselves Sherpa

Sherpas are a Himalayan ethnic group renowned for their role in mountaineering expeditions. Serving as guides, porters, and cultural ambassadors, Sherpas bring a unique blend of expertise and tradition to the world's highest peaks. Their deep knowledge of the mountains includes understanding complex terrains, predicting weather patterns, and setting up climbing routes with precision.

Similarly, achieving success in the competitive career landscape of the UK after investing in the finest education is a formidable challenge. Only a small minority of candidates fulfill their aspirations of attaining top-tier careers in the UK, and in this increasingly competitive environment, Sherpas are essential.

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