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Mountain Range


Building Futures and Shaping Careers

Guiding students around the world to successful careers in the UK. Providing end-to-end services covering University Applications, Visa Guidance, and securing competitive Internships & Graduate positions in globally renowned companies .

Our promise to you

Just saying we're dedicated to getting results for our clients isn't good enough. So, we provide a money back guarantee if we don't secure our clients a top job in their chosen field. Our confidence is backed by an intimate understanding of the job market and the structured nature of landing internships and graduate positions at leading companies. 

Recent client placements

We have worked closely with students of all backgrounds to secure internships and jobs with prestigious global organisations in Finance, Consulting, Consumer Goods, and Engineering in the UK, with the vast majority being based in London. These include highly competitive first-year spring internships, placements, summer internships, and graduate jobs.

Comprehensive support

We provide a full-spectrum offering to ensure career success. We provide the following services to ensure students have an optimised plan starting in high school through to their final year at university, with the goal of successfully launching their career in the UK:


University Selection & Application

​The UCAS Application process can seem foreign to those applying from non-British school systems; we provide clarity and can guide you through this complex system. 

  • Finding the right degree and university based on grades and industry interest.

  • Supporting the UCAS Application process, including assisting in the creation of a unique Personal Statement essay.


  • Providing guidance around application timelines and ensuring the UCAS application is filled out correctly.


Securing Internships & Graduate Jobs

​Providing advice on career selection and ensuring candidates receive the best job outcome possible is our core offering.

  • Identifying the right career through personal discussions and testing.


  • Helping secure job offers through CV and cover letter reviews, application test and interview training.


  • Providing a comprehensive list of job opportunities, requirements, and deadlines throughout the year.

  • Support during internships to ensure success in obtaining a return offer.


Student & Work Visa Guidance 

​Few employers sponsor graduate work visas, and those that do provide little clarity and information on the steps required to receive one.

  • Support in navigating the application requirements.

  • Clarifying the rights and responsibilities of a visa holder.

  • Understanding which visa is right for you.


Get to Know Us

Having recently undergone the challenge of navigating university life and securing graduate positions in London, Bora and Matteo have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to succeed in a highly competitive market.

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